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Nothing happens? You see lights but they're not sparkling? You do not hear any music? The playlist is most probably empty. Submit a track using either the presets or upload a MIDI file.

Heckenlights is a christmas lights installation playing christmas songs. You can watch, listen to and submit your own christmas music.


Play christmas music, take control and watch the #Heckenlights live stream

Heckenlights is a christmas lights installation located in Heckenpfad, Weinheim Germany. It plays to christmas music and is controlled via MIDI. Heckenlights allows you to control and watch it play. Tweet #Heckenlights and share your message showed at Heckenlights. Become a program director for Heckenlights by using your personal christmas MIDI music.

Heckenlights starts on 5pm CET Dec 1 2016 and will be available until Jan 6 2017. This winter Heckenlights plays for the last time ever. As christmas lights are fancier at night Heckenlights will operate daily between 5 pm (CET) to 10 pm (CET) and 5 am (CET) to 8 am (CET).